Best known for its contemporary architecture, Dubai has become a spot for tourists from around the world. Apart from simply bashing those dunes, there are an array of adventure sports available for those who wish to get their adrenalin pumping. If you’re someone who likes a dash of excitement apart from the regular chill — there couldn’t be a better destination than Dubai on your bucket-list. Spend a day or two marvelling at the luxurious malls and its shopping arcade but don’t miss out on signing up for some of its thrilling adventure sports.

Whether you’re the kind who prefers water or extreme thrill, you can make the most of everything by enjoying anything beginning from zip-lining to parasailing and even indoor skydiving! With adventure sports rapidly gaining momentum around the world, there’s something for everyone based on their respective likes and interest in Dubai. Ruling out the regular options, Dubai today also has incredible experiences on its list — including swimming with dolphins or a jetpack session for those who have checked off the regular ones from their list. Here are a few Dubai adventure packages to get you started.

Dubai Adventure Package with XLine Marina

Dubai Adventure Package with XLine Marina

5 Days & 4 Nights
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Day 1
Dubai's Very Best
Burj Khalifa
Dubai Aquarium - anytime
Dubai Fountain
Day 2
Soar Above Dubai
Desert Safari (10584 )
Day 3
A Getaway From Dubai
Musandam Dibba Tour
Day 4
Thrills & Spills
Laguna Water Park
La Mer
Day 5
So Long, Dubai
Dubai Adventure Package with Skydive

Dubai Adventure Package with Skydive

5 Days & 4 Nights
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Day 1
A Great Start To Dubai
Burj Khalifa
Dubai Aquarium
Dubai Fountain
Day 2
Zup & Safari
Zup Boarding
Desert Safari
Day 3
Getaway To Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi + Ferrari World
Day 4
Beachy Splash
Laguna Water Park
La Mer

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I plan a budget adventure trip to Dubai?
Instead of booking a tour, plan your own itinerary. Look for packages and self-guided tours that are economic for a budget traveller.
What is a tandem skydive?
Tandem skydiving involves freefalling at a speed of 120 miles per hour with a certified instructor.
What should one kept in mind before planning outdoor activities in Dubai?
The weather conditions play a crucial role for outdoor activities. Make sure the weather is conducive for the activities you're interested in.
How long is the XLine Marina zip-line in Dubai?
The newest zip-line is 1 kilometer long with an incline of 16 degrees and an average speed of 80km/h
Can I carry my camera, video camera or cell phone for a water-based adventure sport?
Yes, as long as it is sufficiently waterproof. Activities such as kayaking have a separate section for your phone, and also has vendors selling waterproof bags around the venue.
How should I be dressed for water-based adventure sports?
A suitable bathing attire which includes a T-shirt and anti UV top would be recommended. A wetsuit is recommended during the winter season, as the temperature of the water can go down to 22°C.
Are activities such as dune bashing or desert safari suitable for pregnant women?
It is advisable for pregnant women to refrain from adventure sports, however, depending on your doctor's advise one can partake in the activity.
Can one rent ski equipment at Ski Dubai or does one have to purchase?
Ski equipment can be rented at Ski Dubai at a nominal fee.
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Popular Outdoor Adventure Activities In Dubai


There are two types of Skydiving to experience. One is the outdoors where you have to reach the height by taking a flight, the other is an indoor one where there’s a free fall into a tunnel and is a good option for newcomers.


Set in Dubai Marina, it is one of the steepest and fastest Zip-line and measures one km. It has a 16-degree incline and a speed averaging 80 km/hr.

Urban Zip-lining

Can be enjoyed solo or with a partner, this 16 degree steep incline zips you across Downtown Dubai in 60 minutes. Count on the thrills while you enjoy this one!

Ferrata Adventure

Try Ferrata, the Mountain climbing activity along a spectacular route. You will be guided by professional instructors. There’s also a chance of ziplining while you are traversing this.

Dune Bashing

Experience the thrill of Dune Bashing without which Dubai tours aren’t complete. It’s a 20-30 min drive in the desert and the trip then ends with a Bedouin treat of dinner and Dancers to entertain.

Skyhub Gyrocopter

This sport is a unique and extraordinary experience where you fly on a private aircraft and watch the landmarks of Dubai by being sky-borne. Feel the thrill of seeing Palm Jumeirah from a height.

Seawings Plane

Give wings to your fantasy when you take off on a seaplane and see the spectacular sights of Dubai. See the ever-changing coastline of Dubai from a different perspective.

Dune Buggy Safari

Explore the desert in a Buggy where directions don’t matter. Zoom across the sands and feel the thrill. There are various timings to suit your moods and levels of adventure.

Quad Biking

Ride a 4 wheeled bike where the thrill matches none other that you have experienced. The sands welcome your wheels and feel the exhilaration of riding a Quad Bike in the mysterious dunes.

Hot Air Ballooning

Experience the dawn with a ride in a Hot Air Balloon. See the beautiful sunrise and the Hajar Mountains standing against it. Then satiate your hunger with a Bedouin-style breakfast spread waiting for you.

Popular Water Sports in Dubai

Jetpack Session

Experience the latest water sport to hit the UAE shores. In a 30 minute session, learn to walk on water! An Instructor will ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable flight.


Enjoy exploring Dubai from underwater. Sail in a kayak with your imagination and take a look at the scenic spots of the city. Either rent a kayak or book a guided tour. Dubai is simply the perfect venue for this sport.

Padi diving course

Learn Padi diving and become a certified diver. It begins with online learning is followed by in-water training. Begin with shallow diving and progress to deep dives.

Stand up paddle-boarding

Also known as SUP, this is a fun sport to enjoy time spent in water. Dubai has warm and gentle waters and is the best place for this sport.


Fly-boarding is an exhilarating sport. Get the adrenaline rush when you soar into the sky from the waters below. You could even try various feats that you could have only imagined.


Is where the rider standing on a wakeboard is towed behind a water boat with the help of a rope or cable. The rider can either ride the surface of the waters or can perform wake-boarding tricks behind the boat


See the beautiful skyline of Dubai while Parasailing with up to 3 of your friends. It is a thrilling experience with a bird’s eye view of the city. You will soar the skies while you are towed by a boat.


Feel the thrill with an inflatable flying raft as you soar across clear sparkling waters. Hold on tight as the raft flies up and above or sideways and feel the water splash across.


As you skim on water with your skis, enjoy the daring feat. The ski are secured by a tow rope and pulled with a motorboat. You will enjoy if you have mastered the art of ‘stand up’ while being towed at a high speed.


Kneeboarding is a water sport where the rider is towed on a motorboat which is specially designed. The rider has to secure himself over the thighs as he kneels on the board.

Popular Indoor Adventure Activities in Dubai

VR Park

When in the world’s biggest Dubai Mall, try games with multiplayer VR effect at the VR Mall.The Burj Drop is an experience by itself. Experience the 18 interactive rides and enjoy yourself.

Hub Zero

Located in the heart of City Walk in Dubai, enjoy in a world where the real meets the virtual. Games served here are from the pac-man to the latest games with new age technology. Or maybe some 4D cinema if you’d like!


The latest to join the gaming experience wagon, Jumble is all about mental and physical challenges, teamwork and passing a day full of fun, physical and brain work which thrills and tires both.

Indoor Skydiving

This is an indoor skydiving experience where you can enjoy free fall from a tunnel, with the help of an able instructor. The feel is very close to flying!

Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai has an indoor ski area of 22,500 sq. meters. There is also an 85-meter high indoor mountain and includes a 400-meter long run. It also houses several lovable penguins.

Bounce Dubai

Bounce is one of the most child friendly spots and coolest playground that has over 100 interconnected trampolines. Besides this there is no shortage of other activities that will keep you interested and busy throughout.

Why Book Headout's Dubai Adventure Packages?

Our careful compilation of the must-do experiences in the city promises an indelible vacation. While most Dubai packages bundle your flights, hotels and itinerary; we believe in giving you the privilege to fly on your budget and stay in your style. From swanky Airbnbs to snazzy hotels; we think choosing an accommodation that suits your personality makes all the difference. The very same goes for flights! Why travel in economy when you can travel luxuriously on an Emirates flight?

Headout’s expertise lies in curating local experiences with the best reputed vendors in the city. We guarantee you won’t find these local experiences on any other Dubai package online and that’s what makes us different.

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Visa Formalities For Dubai

Obtaining a Dubai visa depends upon several things — this includes your nationality, duration of visit as well as your purpose. Citizens of Andorra, Australia, Brunei, Canada, Vatican City, Hong Kong, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, Chile, Monaco, Russia, San Marino, Seychelles, Singapore, Ukraine, Mauritius, China, Kazakhstan, New Zealand, United Kingdom as well as United States of America can avail a 30 day visa on arrival that does not require prior arrangements. Apart from these, other countries can apply for transit/stopover visa, service visa, tourist visa, visit visa and work visa depending on their requirement. A typical tourist visa is available for 60 days from the date of entry, and it may require a prerequisite from your tour operator or hotel.

Tips & Hacks For Adventure Enthusiasts Traveling To Dubai

  • Avoid the extreme of heat in Dubai by visiting it between the months of November to March. During these months, it is easier to visit the beaches.
  • Dubai has many public transportation options - metro, buses, trams etc. Cabs in Dubai are quite expensive, hence make complete use of the public transit system to reduce costs.
  • Make sure you take prior permission before clicking a picture of any religious monument or a stranger in the city.
  • Public consumption of alochol is not appreciated in Dubai. Do respect religious sentiments in the country.
  • While tipping isn’t necessary and is sometimes included in your bill, it is a common practice in Dubai. Luggage carriers and supermarket baggers are some of the people who are commonly tipped for their services.

Restaurants You Must Check Out In Dubai

La Petite Maison

A quaint, French set up that celebrates continental food better than any other Italian restaurants in Dubai.


Previously a food truck, today this brand serves iconic beef burgers, sandwiches, and milkshakes.

Em Sherif

With 32 dishes dominating its Lebanese menu, enjoy pita with its various variants of falafels.


One of the most popular joints in Dubai for mexican food, Loca offers a laid-back vibe and plays the latest sporting event in a flat screen fitted industrial space. Corn husk tamales, jumbo shrimp fajitas, roasted lamb wrapped in banana leaves are some popular dishes here.


Located on the 17th floor, this Japanese hideaway has some of the most breathtaking view of the iconic Burj Khalifa. From thinly sliced cuttlefish to wagyu sukiyaki, this restaurant serves authentic Japanese food unlike any other in Dubai.

Traveler Reviews

An adrenaline pumping experience.
star, like, favorite, favorites star, like, favorite, favorites star, like, favorite, favorites star, like, favorite, favorites

Me and my friends from college planned an all-boys trip to Dubai and we wanted to try our hands at all the adventure activities available in the city. Fortunately, we found this Dubai adventure package which featured a sweet collection of some truly amazing, adrenaline pumping experiences and didn't have to break our heads over booking multiple tickets for different activities..

Happy with the whole experience.
star, like, favorite, favorites star, like, favorite, favorites star, like, favorite, favorites star, like, favorite, favorites

The last time I booked tickets online, I had a bad experience since what was promoted was not what I actually got. Still, a friend suggested opting for a package to make the planning a trip to Dubai part easier and I gave it a go. This adventure package is everything they advertise and I'm super happy with the whole experience.

Simple and Straightforward.
star, like, favorite, favorites star, like, favorite, favorites star, like, favorite, favorites star, like, favorite, favorites

Apart from the hot weather in Dubai when we visited, this adventure package was absolutely perfect. They had a good mix of different activities and also had enough time in between the experiences for us to take a break and explore the city on our own. I found the overall booking experience to be quite simple and straightforward as well!

Seamlessly convenient.
star, like, favorite, favorites star, like, favorite, favorites star, like, favorite, favorites star, like, favorite, favorites

While most travel packages include hotels and flights as well, I find that a little restrictive to be honest. This Dubai adventure package only offers tickers for entrance and activities in the city and you can book your hotel and flight as per your convenience without having to change plans as per the package tour timings.

Exceptional customer service.
star, like, favorite, favorites star, like, favorite, favorites star, like, favorite, favorites star, like, favorite, favorites

Have no complaints about the actual package. It had everything I wanted from a trip and Dubai and more! I do want to mention that I really appreciate Sujata from the customer support team for helping me out when I accidentally made the wrong booking and was freaking out about the entire fiasco.

Customizing your itinerary is the best.
star, like, favorite, favorites star, like, favorite, favorites star, like, favorite, favorites star, like, favorite, favorites

I wanted a package for the convenience of booking everything together but also wanted some freedom to customize the package according to my preferences. This Dubai adventure package allowed me to create customized itineraries before making the payment, a feature I really appreciate!

Exteremly convenient.
star, like, favorite, favorites star, like, favorite, favorites star, like, favorite, favorites star, like, favorite, favorites

What a trip! We started our Dubai trip at the top of the Burj Khalifa and ended it with zip lining across the Dubai Marina! There was a whole lot of adventure and excitement in the middle and honestly, I can't believe how easy planning the whole thing was. Well, thanks to this fabulous Dubai adventure package.

Thrilling experience!
star, like, favorite, favorites star, like, favorite, favorites star, like, favorite, favorites star, like, favorite, favorites

Here's a fun fact. I had never booked tickets online for anything before. This Dubai adventure package for the whole family was my first time and what a great decision it turned out to be. The attractions which were part of the package gave us a proper tour of Dubai and featured plenty of thrilling activities for the entire family to enjoy.

It was so well oragnised.
star, like, favorite, favorites star, like, favorite, favorites star, like, favorite, favorites star, like, favorite, favorites

Honestly surprised by how well this whole adventure package thing turned out. I wanted to surprise my husband with a surprise trip to Dubai and ended up waiting for the last minute to make travel plans. Despite that, I got a great deal on this Dubai adventure package. PS: The husband loved the surprise!

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